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Pet Care with essential oils and their friends.


Pet Care with essential oils and their friends.

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Pet Care With Essential Oils and their Friends.

Making and Selling Pet Products If you're creative, you love animals, and you have good business sense, the world of making and selling pet products could be in your future.

Learn how to make pet products including natural shampoo, conditioners, doggie deodorants, insect repellent, treatments for arthritis and skin conditions plus much more. Geared mainly for Dogs, Cats, Horses and small pets.

This course covers the safe use of essential oils in animal care including application, blending, the must have of essential oils and the essential oils to avoid.

Included in this e course:
Ingredients to make the following products: Shampoo, Conditioner, Healing ointment, insect repellent, doggie deodorant and 6 of the most useful essential oils.

The above will be shipped to you and once you receive them then you can start making the products

Content of the course:

The contents of the Pet care course is clear and aimed at immediate practice, thus, it contains a theoretical base, which allows students to put into practice the knowledge acquired.

Aimed at:
Women and men with or without previous knowledge in cosmetology, presented in a practical way, clear, simple and complete.

Students will be accompanied by Jan herself throughout the learning process. Students will be able to ask questions and verify the formulas they create by e-mail.

At the end of each course, the tutor will suggest some practical studies (final evaluation) to apply the knowledge learned during the training.

Once this has been completed, the candidate will receive a certificate by email that accredits the accomplishment of the course.

The course is designed to last 4 weeks. However, students may spend more or less time to complete the course depending on their available time.

Enrollment will remain valid for a period of one year from the start of the course.

For the schedule please go to :

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I feel I could make pet care and sell it to my clients and family and friends.

Marion | Leics, UK - May 2014 | September 2014

Hi Jan

I have now completed the last assignment, my 3 products:-

Healing Ointment: for Molly suffering from mild irritation on her groin area. Molly seemed to have an urgent itch in her groin area that seemed to be bothering and she was constantly licking, and so applied ointment.

Sweet Almond Oil - penetrates well intothe skin, nourishing, protecting and soothes eczema

Calendula Oil - anti-inflammatory, healing

Shea Butter - moisturising, anti-inflamaory, antibacterial

Vitamin E - antioxidant, healing

Roman Chamomile - antiseptic, relief for dry, itchy, sensitive skin

lavender - calming, soothing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory

Myrrh - rejuvenating, fungicidal, cooling, antiseptic, astringent

Helichrysm - anti-inflammatory, analgesic, healing

Molly really enjoyed her treatment, she loved her essential oil blend and it seemed to have an immediate effect, although I applied the ointment 2 or 3 times there has been no licking of the area since the first application.

Bug Spray: Toffee, my daughters cocker spaniel picked up a few undesirable stowaways, and so treated both him and Molly (my cockerpoo) with the bug spray, as they play together most days,(and he was staying with us for a few days) all carpets and bedding.

Cider Vinegar - kills ticks and fleas, soothes irritated skin

Eucalyptus - anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, repells fleas

Sweet Orange - deodorizing, repells fleas

Lavender - antiseptic, antibacterial

Peppermint - insect repelling

Geranium - cleansing, astringent, relieves inflames and irritated skin, repels ticks

Cedarwood - repels fleas, skin and coat conditioner

It Totaly cleared up Toffee's flea problem and served as a preventative for Molly who thankfully had no problem. I used the spray on both dogs for a week, esspecially after a wet walk, also kept both dogs smelling fragrant. I have to say Toffee hated this treatment as he didnt like either the essential oils or the spray, but needs must.

Massage oil Blend: Toffee came to me for a weeks holiday while his owners went abroad. The first day or two Toffee was very hyperactive, being disobedient on his walks, running off and rolling in the most foul smelling things he could find, also eating unmentionables. So, made a massage oil blend for separation issues. Massaged into the back of his neck and onto paws at bedtime to settle him down.

In 10ml of Almond Oil

4 drops Clary Sage - anxiety, adjustment to change,depression, emotional stress

3 drops Geranium - anxiety, balancing hormones, depression

1 drop Frankinsence - insecurity, anxiety, depression

Toffee wasn't to keen on the essential oils at first, but enjoyed his massage and so got used to the oil.

I saw a vast improvement during the rest of the week, he was a lot calmer, more settled in the house, better behaved and obedient out on his walks and so enjoyed the rest of his weeks holiday with us.

So overall I was very pleased with the products and the results, with no adverse effects. I have hopefully attached pics of Molly's Ointment, Toffee's Massage Oil, Bug Spray, pics of both Toffee and Molly :)

Jazy | UK | November 2013