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Workshops in Holistic Health

Aromatherapy seminar


Aromatherapy seminar

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Essential oils are odourous and highly volatile (they readily evaporate in the open air). They are extracted by various methods, usually by distillation with steam from plants, herbs, flowers, seed, grasses, roots, trees and fruits. Essential oils work on all levels. Essential oil therapy, also commonly known as Aromatherapy, works directly on the skin and organs, and has a direct effect on the limbic system in the brain. In massage, essential oils penetrate the skin and reach the bloodstream in minute quantities to heal our muscles and organs at the same time. Essential oils work psychologically & physiologically. By affecting the state of mind, the state of the body may also be altered.

Discover the aromatic world of essential oils. What are essential oils? How are they obtained? How can you tell if they are 100% pure? What is the difference between therapeutic grade and the rest?


Blend and mix to your heart's content and create your own recipes. Learn about the various effects of these essences, both physically and psychologically, the application of essential oils using compresses, massage, baths, etc. plus information on the most useful oils.


(A) Theoretical

1. What are essential oils?

2. How essential & carrier oils are obtained.

3. Purity of essential oils.

4. Safety considerations.

5. Psychosomatic effects and olfaction.

(B) Practical

1. The most useful essential oils.

2. Application of essential & carrier oils.

3. Mixing and blending essential oils.

4. A practical demonstration of how essential oil's affect us through scent alone.


1 Day Workshop


Jan Benham

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Customer reviews

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The course exeeded my expectations. Jan's experience and knowledge always shines through. She is an inspiration.

I had great fun. Such a fun and pleasant learning atmosphere, we always have the chance for discussion.

Nazia | UK, March 2013 | April 2013

Thank you so much for the aromatherapy seminar . l enjoyed and benefited from every bit of it. l liked the way you explain and demonstrate some of the concepts that l thought were difficult. You made it clear and simpl ified especially on identifying essential oil notes . Again l have gained knowledge about hydrolats.

Last but not least, the experience of cross referencing and mixing my own choice of oils!!

Gloria | UK Nov 2012 | December 2012